Summer Fun Activities for Preschoolers, this is what every other parent and daycare is searching for. Summer is a wonderful time for preschoolers to explore, learn, and have fun in the great outdoors. With the sun shining and the temperatures rising, there are countless activities available across the United States that are perfect for keeping your little ones engaged and entertained.

Being bored and alone effects the mental and physical health of kids. If your child is facing any health issues, seek experienced pediatric care now. From outdoor adventures to creative projects, here is a comprehensive guide to over 100 summer fun activities for preschoolers in the USA.

Summer Outdoor Activities for Preschoolers

  • Visit a local park and have a picnic.
  • Explore nature trails and go on a nature scavenger hunt.
  • Go on a bug hunt and learn about different insects.
  • Splash around in a local splash pad or water park.
  • Have a day at the beach and build sandcastles.
  • Set up a backyard camping adventure with a tent and s’mores.
  • Take a trip to a local farm and learn about farm animals.
  • Have a backyard treasure hunt with hidden surprises.
  • Visit a zoo and learn about different animals.
  • Have a family bike ride or go for a nature walk.
  • Organize a mini Olympics with various outdoor games.
  • Plant flowers or vegetables in a small garden.
summer fun activities for preschoolers

Creative Projects

  • Create colorful sidewalk chalk art.
  • Make homemade popsicles with different flavors.
  • Set up a backyard water painting station.
  • Make tie-dye t-shirts using vibrant colors.
  • Create a sensory bin with sand, water, or rice.
  • Build a birdhouse and learn about different bird species.
  • Have a bubble party with different bubble wands.
  • Make homemade playdough and sculpt various shapes.
  • Paint rocks and hide them in the community for others to find.
  • Create a nature-inspired collage using leaves, flowers, and sticks.
  • Make paper plate masks and have a dress-up party.
  • Set up an outdoor easel for painting with washable paints.

Educational Adventures

summer fun activities for preschoolers
  • Visit a children’s museum and engage in hands-on exhibits.
  • Explore a local aquarium and learn about marine life.
  • Attend storytime sessions at the local library.
  • Visit a science center and participate in interactive experiments.
  • Have a pretend play session as doctors, firefighters, or astronauts.
  • Attend a local summer camp tailored for preschoolers.
  • Learn about different cultures by visiting cultural festivals.
  • Have a puppet show with handmade puppets and a small stage.
  • Visit a planetarium and learn about the night sky.
  • Set up a mini science lab at home and conduct simple experiments.
  • Create a homemade volcano and watch it erupt using baking soda and vinegar.
  • Learn about different musical instruments and have a mini-concert.

Indoor Summer Fun Activities for Preschoolers

summer fun activities for preschoolers
  • Set up a cozy reading nook and explore new books.
  • Build forts using blankets and pillows for imaginative play.
  • Have a movie marathon with your favorite animated films.
  • Organize a playdate with friends for indoor games and activities.
  • Bake cookies or cupcakes together and decorate them.
  • Have a sensory play session with homemade slime or kinetic sand.
  • Create an indoor obstacle course using cushions and hula hoops.
  • Play dress-up and put on a fashion show.
  • Set up a mini indoor bowling alley using empty plastic bottles.
  • Have a family game night with board games or card games.
  • Build with building blocks or Lego sets to encourage creativity.
  • Learn basic cooking skills by preparing simple meals or snacks.

Sports and Physical Activities

  • Enroll in swimming lessons and practice water safety.
  • Have a soccer or basketball practice session in the backyard.
  • Learn basic yoga poses through child-friendly yoga videos.
  • Attend a toddler-friendly dance or movement class.
  • Try roller skating or ice skating at a local rink.
  • Have a mini golf competition at a nearby miniature golf course.
  • Try out gymnastics or tumbling classes.
  • Learn how to ride a tricycle or a balance bike.
  • Set up an obstacle course in the backyard or living room.
  • Play hopscotch or jump rope for physical exercise.
  • Have a family relay race in the backyard.

Summer Theme Activities for Kindergarten

summer fun activities for preschoolers
  • Water balloon toss
  • Nature scavenger hunt
  • Ice cream party
  • Beach day (with sandbox and water play)
  • Outdoor obstacle course
  • Bubble blowing contest
  • Picnic in the park
  • Arts and crafts with seashells
  • Sprinkler play
  • Gardening and planting flowers
  • Outdoor movie day
  • Sensory play with colored ice cubes
  • Sports day (mini soccer, basketball, etc.)
  • Storytime under a tree
  • Fruit and vegetable tasting
  • Sidewalk chalk art
  • Popsicle making
  • Miniature golf
  • Dress-up day with summer-themed costumes
  • End-of-summer party with games and treats

Fun Day Ideas for Preschool

  • Teddy bear picnic
  • Dress-up day with favorite characters
  • Indoor camping adventure
  • Science experiments with water and bubbles
  • Puppet show with handmade puppets
  • Dance party with kid-friendly music
  • DIY sensory bins with different textures
  • Face painting and temporary tattoos
  • Building forts with pillows and blankets
  • Playdough sculpting and molding
  • Yoga or stretching exercises for kids
  • Music and movement session with instruments
  • Cooking and baking simple recipes
  • Outdoor nature walk and bug exploration
  • Balloon animals and twisting workshop
  • Sensory storytelling with props and costumes
  • Pajama day with cozy movie time
  • DIY art projects with recycled materials
  • Indoor mini-golf or bowling
  • Dress-up relay race with different costumes and props
summer fun activities for preschoolers

Summer Theme Activities for Toddlers

  • Water play with cups, buckets, and sponges
  • Sensory bins with sand, water, and toys
  • Bubble machine play
  • Ice cube painting
  • Beach-themed sensory play with shells and toy fish
  • Picnic blanket playtime with soft toys
  • Nature walk to explore plants and insects
  • Frozen fruit popsicle making
  • Colorful finger painting with non-toxic paint
  • Watercolor painting outdoors
  • Sensory play with ice and frozen toys
  • Outdoor play with a mini-slide and swing set
  • Balloon popping game
  • Sensory play with cooked spaghetti or noodles
  • Playdough squishing and molding
  • Music and movement session with nursery rhymes
  • Simple obstacle course with cushions and pillows
  • Sensory exploration with different textures (sandpaper, feathers, cotton balls)
  • Bubble wrap stomping activity
  • Outdoor gardening with child-safe tools


Q1. Are these activities suitable for preschoolers of all ages?

A1. Yes, these activities can be enjoyed by preschoolers ranging from 3 to 5 years old. However, you may need to adapt certain activities to suit the individual abilities and interests of your child.

Q2. Do I need special equipment or materials for these activities?

A2. Most of the activities can be done with basic household items and materials readily available. However, some activities may require specific items such as art supplies, sports equipment, or outdoor toys. You can easily find these items at local stores or online.

Q3. Can these activities be done indoors or outdoors?

A3. The activities mentioned in this guide include a mix of indoor and outdoor options. This allows you to choose activities based on the weather, location, and your child’s preferences.


Summer is a time for preschoolers to embrace their curiosity, creativity, and love for adventure. By engaging in these 100+ fun activities, you can ensure that your little one’s summer is filled with laughter, learning, and unforgettable moments. Whether it’s exploring nature, unleashing creativity, or engaging in educational adventures, there is something for every preschooler to enjoy during the sunny days of summer in the USA.

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