Happy Kids Pediatrics views itself as an integral part of the community connecting families, healthcare providers and school officials to achieve the best results for your child. We follow specialty guidelines and practice standards including those of the American Academy of Pediatrics. We pride ourselves with the community relationships we build and the partnerships we have with other healthcare providers and schools.

Why Choose Happy Kids

Our Mission

Why Choose Happy Kids

Happy Kids Pediatrics’ mission is to be a primary care medical home that provides the most comprehensive healthcare to our children. Our aim is to achieve overall happiness and school success of children through optimizing physical and mental health.

Our Vision

Why Choose Happy Kids

Our vision is twofold. We intend to meet any health goal, whether its physical or mental, and to optimize achieving success in school, and thereby meeting the child’s genetic potential, leading to overall success and happiness. Hence, we have named the practice Happy Kids Pediatrics. We also intend to continuously grow and evolve our clinic to meet the needs of our patients and families, and provide much needed services and care, and be a bridge to all subspecialty care.

Why Choose Happy Kids
Why Choose Happy Kids

Why choose Happy Kids ?

Why Choose Happy Kids

Happy Kids understands there are many aspects to achieving optimal health. We are able to treat physical and mental health conditions, and provide services that are otherwise difficult to obtain. Not every physician and clinic have the same skill set, and we proudly claim that we not only understand mental and social-emotional challenges, but can also provide the care needed to promote mental and social well-being. This is as important as the traditional physical wellness. Our focus is overall health of the whole person.




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